Devi Engineering is high quality powder coating specialists in Bangalore. Devi Engineering has been providing a high-quality powder coating service. With some of largest ovens in the region, we primarily specialize in powder coating industrial fabrications but are also happy to take your works. We have an extensive range of colors in stock and can coat your metal work to the gloss level required.

Devi Engineering stands for excellent customer service, value, quality and reliability, Browse our website and get in touch. With several years of experience, we have the knowledge and expertise to tackle almost any powder coating job, irrespective of size, shape, quantity or color. And with a dedicated team of specialists working on your order - you won’t be disappointed.

Devi Engineering uses only the highest quality powder and has an extensive range of colors in stock, so with confidence, you can choose almost any shade of color or finish you required. Powder coatings are tougher and more durable than wet paint, and less likely to chip or peel. Powder coatings are more environmentally friendly, being free of many of the unpleasant chemicals that wet paints contain. Powder coatings produce an even finish, over a wide surface area, without showing the direction of application.